Fixed Fee Conveyancing Services

Hillfort Law Firm has been specialising in fixed fee conveyancing services for a number of years, always delivered at express rates. For property buyers and sellers, specialist lawyers are needed to streamline the conveyancing process. Our prices are clear and consistent across the board, with no hidden fees or sudden charges to worry about. We have experience working on conveyancing transactions for various property types – see below for more details.

Our leading conveyancing lawyer is trained and experienced to deal with many types of cases. Here are some of the many high-quality legal services offered by Hillfort Law Firm:

Freehold Residential Conveyancing

Intimately experienced with residential property transactions, Hillfort has assisted thousands of clients with their conveyancing needs and is here to assist with any conveyancing queries you may have.

Remortgage Conveyancing

If you are transferring to a new lender or taking out a mortgage on your mortgage-free property then you will require a solicitor or conveyancer to help with the legal side of things.

Leasehold Conveyancing

Leasehold property is created when a lease is granted out of a freehold title. A lease is a long tenancy, typically between 99 and 999 years. The lease will contain conditions of use and ownership, which need to be looked at carefully by a specialist conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer.

Auction Conveyancing

For help with auction purchases, we deliver an impressively fast, streamlined service for our clients, as well as plenty of legal advice throughout the whole process. Before buying at auction it is advisable to instruct a specialist solicitor or property lawyer to advise you on all the legal aspects of the title and contract before you commit to making a bid.